1. I’ve been trying to do a bit more with my graphics tablet and Photoshop. For a storyboard job from Bruton Stroube I decided to do it completely digital from the rough sketch through the final drawing. This could turn into a major time saver if I could find a way of reducing some of the lagging on mac.

    digital storyboards I’ve been trying to do a bit more with my graphics tablet and Photoshop. For a storyboard job from…
  2. Finally read Storm #1 and it was pretty damn fun. Great art by Victor Ibanez and an invigorating story from Greg Pak.  Sets the tone for the story arc and maybe the series without it being a dire “nothing will ever be the same” dramatic first issue.  Check it out!

  3. So I’ll be teaming up with talented artist, Brian Atkins, at this year’s Cincinnati Comic Expo on September 19th through the 21st. More info to come!
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    Young demonstrators regulating themselves. Removed someone who they say has been know to agitate crowds.”

    I needed to come back from hiatus to encourage those of you who want to keep up with what’s really happening in Ferguson to look to those who are actually there.

    Take a moment to follow Antonio French on twitter and see what he sees. The video above is from his vine. Also an important follow in this moment.

    Please remember that there are truths and then there are whole truths. The truth is, there are people who take great pleasure in getting folks riled up. The whole truth is that those people are being peacfully dealt with. The truth is, there are looters. The whole truth is that those looters were all of ten people, many of which weren’t from Ferguson. The whole truth is that hundreds upon hundreds have protested peacefully while breaking no laws only to have wooden pellets, rubber bullets, pepper balls and tear gas thrown in their faces by a racist gang who uses military style tactics. A racist gang who should be interviewing the key witness but haven’t “Gotten around to it” yet.

    These are not the dogs of Selma. This is the violence of racism. Stop calling it everything but what it is.

    This is racism. 

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  7. It’s a Bonobo type of day.